What Is Rizzle? 5 Reasons You Should Join NOW

What is Rizzle? Ever since we joined the Rizzle platform about 6 months ago, Chase and I have been talking about it obsessively, and we generally get met with the same expression over and over again.

Everyone always says, Wait, what is Rizzle?

So I'm here to answer all your Rizzle questions and to explain to you why it's become such an important platform for us - and why you should join Rizzle, too. (I'm not being paid to write this blog or anything like that. I just genuinely believe more people, especially our creator friends, need to be aware of this app.)

The short answer is that Rizzle is an app based around 1-minute-or-shorter vertical videos. I know what you're thinking. Oh, it's like TikTok then? Yes. But also no.

The reality is that video content- and specifically short, vertical video content - is not going anywhere. Even outside of other video-based apps like TikTok and Triller and Youtube, all the other major social media platforms have embraced vertical videos. Instagram brought in Reels even though it already had Stories and IGTV, and even Twitter recently introduced Fleets.

Think of it like this. All of these other apps are scrambling to stay relevant by adding video content, so doesn't it make sense to join an app that has a foundation built on short, vertical videos? Yes, of course. But there's much more to it than that.

Rizzle is different because it is also series-based. When we create a TikTok video - and we do love TikTok, don't get me wrong- the video is automatically thrown on our profile in chronological order. There is no organization to it. There's no way to separate the pranks from the parenting humor from the relationship humor and so on. It's all jumbled in together.

Also, when we have a concept that is longer than a minute and needs to be filmed in three different videos, we could obviously still post those videos on TikTok, but it would likely lead to confusion for the audience. They may stumble across part 2 and then they would have to take the time to go to our profile and look for part 1 - which, by the way, may have been posted over a month before and is now buried beneath all of our other content.

Most people are not going to bother with that. It's inconvenient for the viewer and it can be detrimental to a creator.

On Rizzle, we're able to have a different channel for each of our series. And when someone comes across one of our videos, Rizzle makes it super easy for them to access all of the videos in that series - whether they want to automatically view the next part of the series or if they want to go back to the beginning and watch each video. It’s literally built for episodic content, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

This is something that can be done on Youtube with playlists, and even with IGTV (on Instagram) but again, Rizzle is focused on one-minute videos, which is the direction everything is heading these days.

One of our 3 minutes series was featured on Rizzle, which is pretty cool. You can check out our Rizzle account here and get a clearer picture of what I'm telling you about the app.

As creators, Rizzle has been so fun for us because it has opened up a new world. We can literally create a TV show, with each episode being a minute long. It's new to us, so we still have a lot to learn in that department, but we're working on it - AND on that subject, this is another really cool thing about Rizzle. They do free classes for creators with teachers who are super successful people in the industry.

Whether you're interested in learning more about comedy, writing, directing, or acting, among other things, you should join Rizzle just so you have access to Rizzle U. In addition to expanding your education, think about the networking and the important industry people it gets you in front of.

Okay, so say you're not a comedy sketch person or an actor or whatever. Rizzle has a variety of sections. If you're a vlogger or you're interested in being a talk show host (or doing a talk show with your best friend!) or you're a motivational speaker or a podcaster or a fitness expert or a beauty guru - there's every reason for you to be on Rizzle.

If this hasn't convinced you so far, I'll leave you with 3 more important bits of information.

1) You can earn money on Rizzle pretty much immediately. Rizzle monetizes in multiple ways. Any of your followers can donate to you at any time, but additionally, Rizzle hosts contests on a weekly basis with winners receiving up to $500 for first prize (and we know it's legit because we've won before). Additionally, Rizzle is so passionate about original content, they will pay you to create, even outside of the contests, through a program called Rizzle Studios.

It is not based on the number of views or how many followers your have. You don’t have to have sponsored ads or join an affiliate program. You can make money simply based on having good content.

2) Rizzle keeps you engaged. The app gives you prompts on a regular basis (as do the teachers in Rizzle Studios) so if you're ever experiencing writer's block or if your muse is hiding from you, they're constantly giving you topics to talk about and ideas for creating video series.

Quality content is very important, but so is quantity. The reality is that with the amount of content that gets consumed these days - and at an insanely rapid pace - it can be hard to keep up and stay fresh as a creator.

I love that Rizzle helps keep me motivated.

3) There’s organic reach, which is practically non existent on a lot of platforms these days. For example, our Salty Mermaid Entertainment meme and video account has been on Instagram for three years and we’re only at just over forty thousand followers. We’ve been on Rizzle for about six months and we currently have almost fifty thousand followers. It's totally possible to grow on Instagram, but it takes a lot of time and energy, and it's hard to devote yourself to just one platform all day every day.

Yes, TikTok also has organic reach, which is one reason why our Salty Mermaid Ent account was able to surpass two hundred thousand followers so fast, but TikTok is getting extremely saturated and it’s only going to get more crowded as it popularity expands. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily. I’m just saying it would be smart to be on Rizzle in addition to TikTok.

4) Rizzle doesn’t have comments. To be fair, I don’t know if this will be a forever feature, and it also takes some getting used to. Not everyone may like this aspect, but for me, it’s been really nice to put our content out there without having to worry about Internet trolls. We’re lucky to have so many great followers who support us, but we get a lot of negative shit, too. We get rude comments all the time, especially on Youtube and Facebook, so it’s really nice to not have to stress about that on Rizzle.

Rizzle does give the option to “like” a post or you can even react or respond with a video of your own, but most people are not going to do that unless they have something nice to say.

It’s fantastic to be on a platform that promotes positivity and support for creators.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve only been on Rizzle for about six months. We’re still learning the platform, and they also roll out new features on a regular basis just like any other app, so in no way are we experts. But we are absolutely fans and we’re happy to spread the word.

If you are a creator, I cannot stress enough how much I think you should join Rizzle, but even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, I think you could find a lot of benefits to joining. You could have a public journal, test out some ideas, or simply watch original content and meet new people on a genuine level.

If my information is correct, Rizzle was started in June of 2019, which means it is less than two years old. It has grown quickly in that time, and it’s not slowing down. Still, these are early enough days that by joining now, you’d be ahead of the game. It’s exciting to be on the ground floor - or at least the lower levels - of something that’s destined to grow to massive heights.

This is why I’m pushing all of my creator friends in the direction of Rizzle. There’s no benefit to me personally. Salty Mermaid Entertainment is already on the app and doing well, and I just want to share the news with my talented friends and followers so you can all take advantage of this opportunity the way we have.

If you’re an artist, a video creator, a vlogger, a fitness instructor, a beauty influencer, a comedian… If you’re interested in doing your own talk show, cooking show, mini series, review series… or anything in between, I cannot emphasize this enough. Get on Rizzle.

(If you have any other specific questions that I didn’t answer, or if you need clarification on anything I wrote, just let me know.)

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Stay Salty!



Jenn Scott Pickett is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in parenting and lifestyle content. She is half of the comedy duo that makes up Salty Mermaid Entertainment based in Atlanta, GA. In her free time - Wait. She's a mom of three. She doesn't have any free time. Learn more by clicking here.