Thank You For Making Me Cry

It’s been an intense week, in the middle of an already-difficult year. Seems safe to say we’ve all been experiencing a variety of emotions. I’ve been thinking (and overthinking) a lot about what I wanted to say after the last several days. These two words keep coming back to me: thank you

It’s a long list, and inevitably I will have forgotten someone or perhaps worded something wrong. Thank you for seeing my heart, even when I fuck up.

Without further ado and in no specific order:

•Thank you to everyone who has been willing to have uncomfortable but productive and respectful conversations -with me and with each other.

•Thank you to everyone who has used their voices. Thank you for being willing to share useful, motivational, informative content despite potential backlash.

•Thank you to everyone who has used their ears and eyes and who has kept an open mind and heart. Thank you for being willing to listen, to read, to challenge yourselves. 

•Thank you to everyone who has taught me (and others) something this week.

•Thank you to everyone who has been willing to learn something from me (and from others).

•Thank you to everyone who pushed me out of my comfort zone, who challenged me to think differently, who forced me to recognize there’s even more I can be doing as a true ally.

•Thank you to everyone who gave me grace this week as I processed all of my emotions, my anxiety, my multitude of thoughts and fears. 

•Thank you to everyone who helped inch humanity forward this week- by donating, by marching, by reading books and articles and posts, by signing petitions, by sharing content, by having conversations, by watching videos, by not giving up.

•Thank you to everyone who grieved. Thank you for allowing yourself to be affected, thank you for caring.

•Thank you to everyone who got angry. You helped fuel us.

•Thank you to everyone who had your eyes opened for the first time. It’s scary. It’s hard. Thank you for seeing.

•Thank you to all those who had their eyes opened a long time ago and have been working tirelessly for change during that time. Thank you for enduring.

•Thank you to everyone who took a break from social media. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means it weighed on you, and that’s a good thing. Thank you for taking care of yourself, for preventing burn out. We need you long term.

•Thank you to everyone who did experience burn out, but who rose up from the ashes instead of giving up.

•Thank you to everyone who allowed themselves to feel embarrassed and ashamed. Those emotions spark change.

•Thank you to everyone who is letting this affect their parenting in good ways. Thank you for helping the next generation to be better than we were/are.

•Thank you to everyone who managed to be kind and patient, despite their own pain and frustrations.

•Thank you to everyone who told a joke to break the tension.

•Thank you to everyone who continues to remind us that we have a lot of work to do even when the topic is no longer “trending.”

•Thank you for your tears, your shouts, your whispers, your images, your written words, your stories, your knowledge. Thank you for making me cry - either by yelling at me to be better or by reliving your own trauma for the sake of teaching me (and others).

•Thank you to everyone who values me enough to still be here with me, whether you’re an Instagram follower, a Facebook friend, a blog reader, a Salty Mermaid Entertainment fan, or someone I know in real life. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who continues to restore my faith in humanity.


Jennifer Scott Pickett is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in parenting and lifestyle content. She is half of the comedy duo that makes up Salty Mermaid Entertainment based in Atlanta, GA. In her free time -  Wait. She's a mom of three. She doesn't have any free time. Learn more by clicking here.