I Didn't Get To Go To Prom, So My Boyfriend Recreated prom Just For Me

I didn't have a very traditional high school experience. Thanks in part to my dad and stepmom's strict religious views, I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things like be a cheerleader (they didn't think Jesus would approve of the short skirts) or go to prom (prom leads to premarital sex, I guess?). It was kinda a bummer at the time, but I never felt like my whole life was crippled because of it or anything. Mostly, it's just always been a funny story I like to tell.

But, now, thanks to Chase, I have an even better story to share.

Look at him, he's beautiful and magical.

Chase and I knew each other for a while before we dated, and then we became very close friends the year leading up to us becoming a couple, so he knew my (lack of) prom story. What I didn't expect is what he would do with that information.

Fairly early into our official romantic status, he told me he wanted to take me on a very special surprise date. Turns out he was staging a prom experience for me. It doesn't get much more fucking romantic than that.

Unfortunately -poor guy - I unwittingly threw a lot of wrenches into his plans.

For example, I begged him not to take me to some high-end restaurant, which was the way he was planning to get me all dressed up. At the time I was a single mom working two jobs, and I was always exhausted. What I did in my down time was very important to me. I just didn't feel like playing dress up or ordering off a menu I could barely understand, so I made him promise he wouldn't take me anywhere that required a dress or heels.

Then, to make things even more difficult for him, after work I came to his house to get ready - which is the same house he was decorating for the big event!

He's a clever one though. He somehow convinced me not to leave his bedroom or bathroom without it seeming suspicious, and then, once I was ready, he got me out of the house and into his car without suspecting a thing. I'll never forget how he got into the driver's seat, drove us around the neighborhood... and then pulled right back up to the house hahaha.

Even though I was wearing jeans and a black shirt with red Converse (Chase dressed to match me, which I thought was pretty weird at the time lol) instead of a poofy dress, I can now proudly say I've been to prom. He even had someone there to announce us as prom king and queen - I know, I know. It's such cheesy rom-com PERFECTION it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Honestly, how did I get this lucky?

Do yourself a favor and scroll through the pics to see what an epic job he did pulling this off. I'm gonna be honest. I'm kinda glad I didn't get the traditional prom experience, because this was so much better.

That's a lot of balloons and lights. And in the corner he had a little DJ station set up, along with bubbles!

Obviously, he chose the best theme.

Look at all those freaking candles!

He had wine for me and ordered pizza as the main course, because he's perfect (and because I'm one low-maintenance bitch.)

For our "after party"we went to downtown Nashville for ice cream.

And naturally, we wore our prom crowns.


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