Advice For Content Creators From The Talent & Development Manager Of Rizzle, Adam Gold

I was honored to interview Talent & Development Manager Adam Gold, and he very generously provided insights both for the Rizzle app specifically and for content creators as a whole. Video creators, it's your time to shine!

I believe your job title at Rizzle is Talent & Development Manager. Can you tell us what that means exactly? What does your workweek look like?

As Talent & Development Manager, I work under Thom Woodley, our head of content, to greenlight series and work with creators on their show pitches. I strategize & implement games, contests, partnerships, and in-app features that would appeal to creators. I also assist on projects such as social media, series promotion, iOS app issues, and general creator troubleshooting.

My week begins with catching up on emails on Monday morning and outlining each day’s priorities in our daily 10 am meeting. I start by troubleshooting creator issues with the team and then usually assist our marketing team with promotional assets for upcoming contests, workshops, and series.

From there, I usually just dive into the latest initiative we’re working on.

You seem comfortable in front of the camera when you upload your own videos on Rizzle. Do you have a background in film? Do you consider yourself a creator?

I have a background in producing comedy. I started my career at CollegeHumor as a production coordinator booking talent for all of our unscripted video podcasts in addition to booking CollegeHumor Live, a monthly variety show. I also love working on projects with my friends. I made this parody music video that was featured in the New York Post and currently produce a weekly quiz show “Who Wants $2.69 with Martin Urbano” on Chris Gethard’s Planet Scum digital network.

On Rizzle, I play the role of a creator and I find it incredibly fun to experiment and try out new content formats to see what sticks.

I'm constantly telling my friends- especially the creatives- to join Rizzle. Can you explain what makes this platform so unique and important?

Let’s talk about digital video. With YouTube, it’s become too difficult as a creator to build a following because it is so saturated. Then there’s TikTok, which like YouTube, expects creators to stick to their niche. This video from Austin Archer does a good job of explaining this phenomenon.

Rizzle is the next evolution in short videos. Of course, the ability to create serialized content sets Rizzle apart, but really, it’s the creative freedom to experiment with different types of content - the creator can always archive a channel if something doesn't work out.

Rizzle is also the first short video platform to democratize monetization for creators!

Is Rizzle just for creators or is it also a good place for "watchers"?

Rizzle is for creators and viewers alike. My focus is bringing on really talented creators onto the platform. Nevertheless, Rizzle is an amazing place to discover new creators, filmmakers, and comedians that haven’t yet landed major tv/movie roles, but are well on their way. Part of our goal with creators is to help them elevate their content through workshops, contests, and building an active creator community.

What does the future of Rizzle look like? As a whole, is the app trying to head in a specific direction?

Our goal is to make the in-app video creation process as seamless as possible. To that end, we’re always experimenting with new features that could elevate series to the next level.

In addition to adding new features in-app, we’re hoping to partner with more festivals within the entertainment industry. In November, we added more than 200 scripted series as part of the 48 Hour Film Project!

Let's talk about the technical side. People obsess over analytics and the-almighty-algorithm on other platforms such as Instagram. Is there a certain time of day or a designated number of times a day a creator should post on Rizzle? Is it a the-more-posts-the-merrier type of thing or is quality favored over quantity? How important is it to use hashtags or to tag other Rizzlers?

We found that activity on the app in the US spikes around 1 pm & 6 pm EST, but most creators find their best hours and schedule posts as well. Keeping up an active profile with 30 videos/month is ideal. As with other apps, hashtags are great to reach niche communities and tagging Rizzlers in collabs and video responses is crucial for engagement.

What's your advice for a creator who is hesitant to join a new app?

It’s natural to be hesitant before committing to a new social app, but I think the best way for a creator to be onboarded is to just download the app and explore for themself.

On a similar note, do you have any words of wisdom for a creator who is experiencing burnout or lacking inspiration?

Start a new channel! Dive into a different genre you’ve always wanted to try! Experimentation is the name of the game! On social, especially Instagram, everyone works really hard to maintain a curated image. On Rizzle, the ability to create channels dedicated to experimentation and just responding and collabing with creators is freeing in a way. All of a sudden, it feels very low-stakes, and without text comment trolls, the feedback you’re getting from videos are all thoughtful video responses.

What are some projects you're currently working on? What are you most excited about right now?

Something I’m excited about is trying to build up our creator community on Clubhouse. Zoom burnout is very real. After 8 hours of being on camera for work/school, creators want to unwind after hours and the fun, laid-back nature of Clubhouse makes this messaging app a great place to network and meet other creatives. I’m going to try and go live on Clubhouse every Tuesday in a new interview series I’m starting with working writer/producers in the industry. Join us!

Rizzle has a lot of bonus features and opportunities like Rizzle U and Rizzle Studios. Can you talk about these? What exactly are they, how did they come about, and why are they important?

Rizzle Studios is our creator-centered production arm. All of the contests and series we greenlight fall under the Rizzle Studios umbrella. We’re always accepting new series and we’re still giving away cash bonuses in our 3-Min Series challenge!

Rizzle U is an awesome initiative to enrich our creator community. We started with several free weekly classes on filmmaking, directing, acting, and comedy writing. With zoom fatigue as a real concern, we have since pivoted to Clubhouse.

What's your personal muse or source of motivation?

I’m obsessed with comedy. I find inspiration in a lot of places — especially commercials. I once had a film professor tell me that you don’t have to like or enjoy all types of content or film, but it’s crucial to interact with it. Why do you like it? What about it appeals to you? What’s taking you out of the scene, etc.

Is there anything you look for in a creator? What makes a project grab your attention? Do you have advice on how to make a person or project stand out?

Getting any viewers attention in the first 3 seconds is crucial. I always recommend adding graphics and music so the viewer is immediately stimulated. Captions, near the middle of the video is another best practice!