14 Clever Gifts for Couples Who Have Been Together A Long Time

I'm not telling you to not buy your honey some flowers or jewelry for Valentine's Day. I repeat - I am NOT telling you not to buy your person something traditional this year.

What I am saying is that there are a ton of options out there that are just as sweet, while also being a little more useful and a whole lot more creative.

Think outside of the gift box. (See what I did there?)

#1 - Sky / Constellation Blanket (click the pic to see it on Amazon)

Yeah, stuffed animals are cute. But why not give her something soft and snuggly that she'll actually use instead of throwing on a closet shelf or donating to Goodwill? I like this blanket specifically because it glows in the dark, which is magical AF but there are other great blanket options, too.

#2 Socks In A (Pizza!) Box

Sometimes it's the packaging that really makes the gift special. These socks are fun all by themselves, but the way they're put into a box is just perfect. What dude wouldn't love this?

#3 Homesick Candle

A candle is usually a good idea in general, and there are so many deliciously-scented ones out there. I think choosing one with a clever name or design is the best move, since it adds a little extra sentimentality to it. There's a whole line of "homesick" candles that I think are clever and make for thoughtful gifts.

#4 Selfie Skin Laser Hair Removal Device (use our code SALTY to save some money)

I've never been a jewelry person. It stresses me out to own something expensive that is purely for decoration and that could be easily lost. If your person is like that, but you want to splurge on a gift - consider getting something like this. The Selfie Skin handset is a device that allows you to painlessly remove hair while watching TV at home. Did I mention it's permanent? Yeah. Never having to shave or wax again - that's a gift. **BONUS** If you use code SALTY you can save $30 at www.selfieskin.co - and I'm pretty sure they offer interest-free payment options

#5 Love Pills (click the picture to see more info on Amazon)

Okay, so this is adorable and inexpensive. Be advised, tho, it looks like it requires a little more work on your part than just clicking "buy now" on Amazon. From what I gather, you write short love notes to your sweetheart and they go into this jar in capsule form. Then you gives him or her the prescription to take one daily! Awwww

#6 Neck and Back Massager

We are ALL stressed out these days between kids and work and bills and all that other shit. And honestly, sometimes special occasions like Valentine's Day only make us more tense. Buying a massage at a spa is always a lovely idea, but it can be hard to find the time to get away to enjoy it. Plus, it's all over within an hour, and people like me tend to spend the entire session dreading how soon it's going to be done. So, I think a back/neck massager you can use at home for as long as you'd like (or until one of the kids breaks it) is a great solution. I have one that can even go in the car with me! Here's the one that Chase got me for Christmas, and I love it almost as much as I love him tbh.

#7 Buddha Board

This is another one that goes along with the whole stressed-the-fuck-out thing. It's basically a less messy update on the traditional zen garden. Instead of raking sand, you use your hand to paint with water. Seems like a calming, clever gift for someone's desk.

#8 Cute and/or Funny Undies

Look, lingerie had it's moment. Like in the first 6 months of your relationship. We're past that now. Skip the strappy, confusing stuff, and buy her something sexy in a comfy-and-cute kind of way. Or something just straight up hilarious. This can also apply to the dudes - if you've been together a long time, you're probably buying his underwear anyway, so why not use this opportunity to buy him something extra fun. I've provided multiple suggestions for you here, but click the pics to see all the other unique and awesome option Amazon has. (Obviously you can also go to a store like Target, but not everyone wants to buy underwear in front of other people lol)

#9 A Book -and Some Peace and Quiet

Buy her a good book, put it in a gift bag along with a bottle of bubble bath and some chocolates, tuck in a sweet note assuring her she's got a long, hot, uninterrupted bath in her future, and BAM! just like that, you're the most wonderful man around.

#10 Man Can (click the pic to see more details on Amazon)

Honestly, you can't beat the clever packaging on this one.

#11 A New Robe

These days, you probably spend most of your time together at home anyway, maybe trying to make the most of a lazy Sunday morning. You might as well look cute and be comfy together.

#12 Unique T-shirt or Hoodie

I'm biased on this one, obviously, since I designed it and all, but come on! Who doesn't love a fun, new super soft tee or hoodie?

Click the picture or check out the rest of my Etsy store by clicking here.

#13 The Adventure Challenge

This is a cool as hell gift that Chase got me for our anniversary. It's book full of scratch off date ideas. You don't know what you're going to do until you actually scratch of that page! Be advised tho, if you are control freak like I am, the page gives you appropriate info to help you be prepared. For example, it will tell you whether you should dress up or be in comfy shoes. You can purchase just the book itself, but there's also a super fun option that includes a camera that instantly prints out your pics for a cute keepsake of each adventure. You can find more info here.

#14 Wine.

I don't have a specific suggestion for this one. Just know that wine is always a good idea. If you give her enough wine, she won't notice if the rest of your gifts suck.

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