12 Funny Memes to make Monday more tolerable

It's Meme Monday! Here are 17 of the funniest memes we saw this week.


There go my chances of being productive today.

via @alrightmom


Okay, we're biased, because we made this one ourselves, but also, it's TRUE.


Somebody get me some holy water STAT.

via @askatewouldhaveit


I just really feel like I deserve that new candle... and the winter boots... and the holiday scented hand lotion... and the bed sheets were ON SALE, okay?

via @momtransparenting


We're both better off with me not repeating myself.

via @lifeattiffanys


Same for strappy swimwear. Suuuuper sexy.

via @themotheroctopus


Now that you mention it, most of the time I am full of shit...

via @draggingfeeties


The holidays are only gonna make it worse, so there's that.

via @nottheworstmarriage


Take your reason and logic and be gone

via @walking_outsidde


Don't worry, I'll drink enough champagne for all of us.

via @averageparentproblems


Seriously, are your eyes even open right now??

via @thedad


Welp. The secret is out.

via @closetoclassy

Here's hoping your Monday is a little less... Monday-ish... now. Which one made you laugh the most?

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