10 Memes that tell the truth about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time, where we get to see distant family and friends who we don't always get to see the rest of the year. It's a time to reflect and show gratitude for all of our many blessings. It's also a time we're expected to be on our best behavior and deal with people we may not want to see the rest of the year. A time to pray to the heavens that your kid doesn't drop an F-bomb in front of his great-grandma and that Uncle Billy doesn't make any racist or sexist jokes.

So, in honor of how much stress you're probably under, we gathered 10 memes (and tweets) from people who are honest about what the holiday is really like.


I've got a black belt in I'm-Not-Taking-Your-Shit-This-Year-Charlotte.

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It's time for your best performance of the year.


This is no time to be subtle.

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Recycle and reuse, yo.

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If you haven't gotten your flu shot this year, you might want to prioritize that now.

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Okay, so this one isn't exclusive to Thanksgiving per se, but it still felt fitting.

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It's time to think outside of the box... and by that, we mean outside of the house.

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When your teacher asks why I didn't bring anything to the class party, blame yourself, kid.

via @katewouldhaveit by Kate Cartia


We're so used to our kids ransacking our house, we sometimes forget we aren't supposed to let them do that to other people's houses.

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Go ahead and judge. That's what the day is really about anyhow.