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Life is hard. Laugh harder.

Who...What... Why?

We  are Jenn and Chase, 

a comedy &

content creation team.

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia where we live with our three sons.

Read our individual bios here.

 We primarily produce comedy sketches and funny videos, as well as occasional vlog- style updates pertaining to our family and personal lives. We also create other humorous content such as memes and blog posts, and we love to share content from other creators who make us laugh.

Both of us actively participate in all dynamics of the SME platform... writing and filming and acting, interacting with fans, creating the concepts, etc... but Chase is the primary director and editor for the videos, and Jenn handles the majority of the social media and administrative aspects.

It's more than just entertainment for us, though. We thrive on being authentic and real with all of you, and sometimes that means skipping the comedy sketches and telling you about our current heartbreaks or triumphs.

None of it is easy. We deal with a lot of the regular struggles other families face, in addition to the fact that we have a blended family situation, a baby who was diagnosed with a unique condition (Gastroschisis), and consistent struggles with things like anxiety and ADHD. But these “problems” are our biggest motivation.


Life is hard, but we just laugh harder - because comedy is our favorite coping mechanism.

We make silly videos and comedic posts, not to make light of life’s difficulties, but in an effort to connect with all of you. It’s therapeutic for us, and we sincerely hope it’s just as beneficial for you. Salty Mermaid Entertainment wants to be a source of happiness, encouragement, and validation. Whether our content resonates with you because you’ve totally been there, or whether the content is just so ridiculous it makes you chuckle, gives you a boost of endorphins, and makes you escape your problems for a minute, we hope to make your day a little bit better.


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